My RAW Columbus show is today! I’m so excited!!! but for the time being, i must play the waiting game

Helena Character Portrait -done in the traditional C.F. Payne Technique.

hi! I'm doing a RAW artist show in October in Austin, TX. Good luck with your show :)

Wow thats awesome and thank you so much!! I’m really excited but suuuuper scared, but its mostly just nerves I think. Good luck on your show too!!!!!


Okay, so I’m super excited about being accepted into a RAW art showcase! RAW:natural born artists is an organization for artists, run by artists. They showcase young, new artists and promote them into the art world! Isn’t that awesome?

The show I’m gonna be in is called AXIS and its in Columbus, Ohio on October 14th! To be in the show, I’m required to sell 20 tickets to cover my spot, which are only $15 dollars each. BUT the awesome thing is that this show isn’t just a boring gallery with just my art, it brings together tons of different forms of art for one huge night with film screenings, fashion shows, and performing artists! Here’s a link to the show!

All in all, the night looks like its gonna be amazing and it would awesome if any of u guys near Columbus might wanna come see the show! Sadly, the tickets are 21 and over, which makes me sad since a lot of people I know can’t go. but even if you can’t make the show, buying a ticket to support me would really help me out and I’d be really thankful since money is super tight right now. I’m saving every penny to pay for my rent this semester so it would mean the world to me!!! Here’s a link to where you can buy a ticket!

Thanks so much for checking this out!!! uwu

I got a lot of compliments on my hair at work today uwu




I need to raise some quick bucks….SOOOOOO…is anyone interested in some quick sketch commissions?


Portraits : $10

Busts : $15

Full-body : $20

I’ll be accepting payment via Paypal!

If you are interested, please send me an ask or fan mail! If you guys want to see some samples, let me know here in the answers! Thanks!

Looking for someone to draw your hot men? will look no future, my friend Has his commissions open, so check em out ; )

wanna help a fellow artist? (:

a few months ago, I tried to draw a basic ‘me’ for an outfit meme, and by the end of the night it turned into this little doodle and I’m so happy it did. I went through a lot of sayings to go onto the ribbon and by the time I finished this, I was bawling. I cried so hard just thinking of that phrase over and over again, and thinking of how much of my life has been ruined just because I blame myself everyday for the body I was born in.

I’m really proud that I’ve finally gathered enough courage to post this and the reason I am is because i’m tired of being judged and ridiculed and blamed for my body. Yes, I am a bigger girl and yes, I have body hair and I’m sick of the amount of girls out there just like me who have been taught from the very beginning to hate themselves and change to fit our deranged society’s standards. I’m tired of being anxious and scared to wear the clothing I want to wear because its considered “disgusting” to show my skin in public because of my size. I’m afraid of bending over in public because someone might see the hair on my back.

The amount of hatred society forces us to put upon ourselves is catastrophic and I think the more we all start repeating phrases like this, the more we can crush the idea that our bodies are the problem. 

heeeey guys. I know most of the notes and followers I get start from you guys seeing my Morning Ritual comic and I was wondering if you’d like it if I made more comics??? they’re really fun to make and i think they help a ton with getting feelings out. so just wondering ~

ALSO i’m starting to think about prices for selling my artwork and wanted to know if is anyone interested in me opening up commissions??

thank u for reading this text post uwu

first sketch commission for the book my friend benny-the-jet-55 is writing!

put some new pieces on my Society6! with Free worldwide shipping today!

50 more and I’ll reach 500 followers!!!!!!!!!! holy crap u guys thats 450 people who like my art enough to see it on their dash once in a while holy sHIT

starry eyed - 72014

Bloody 4714 - 71214 sketch and final color!

CCAD Summer Sketch: palette challenge! I actually got Loki isn’t life amazing

just a lil sketch from work tonight